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Descriptions of Other Available Assessments

We offer various other assessments, which involve different team members. Read the information below for more information about each type of assessment. They range in price (but ask, because occasionally, we will work with clients on pricing).

INITIAL PHONE ASSESSMENT: Let us be very clear, this is NOT a sales call. This is to determine, together, if this is a real opportunity worthy of the investment we would both put time and energy into. We will also determine, together, whether or not we fit, if we can work well together, and, if so, will Innovation Scientific be able to do our best work for you. If we have time, we walk you through our expert process derived from years of research, experiences, and successes to ensure you are going to get the results you are looking for if we move forward. We do not assume we are moving forward, nor do we pressure you in any way. If you agree to moving forward with our process, we decide what to do next. This initial phone call is almost always a phone conversation (unless you ask for face-to-face and are close by) and takes about 15 minutes.
STRATEGY DAY: Our expert(s) spend 1 day with your leadership team to figure out what your strategic  executive plan is going to be.
DISCOVERY DAY: We walk around and observe you, your processes, and your teams and then give you expert feedback on what we observed and where we see opportunities for improvement.
STAKEHOLDER INTERVIEWS: Interviewing no more than 7 internal stakeholder, we discover perspectives, insights, frustrations, opportunities, and stakeholders’ wish-list for change. You gain expert insights from an outsider’s point of view to illuminate blind spots and expose potential quick wins.
INTERNAL POWER BREAKFAST: If you are launching a new strategic initiative in the next 30 to 45 days, I recommend we speak privately so we can provide you with a few additional insights and recommendations that are specific to your particular situation. If you determine we have substantial insights, we deliver a talk for your internal professionals, leaders, and stakeholders giving important information about moving forward with your initiative and the conditions surrounding it. And  we leave time for Q&A.  Let us know if you’d like to do that.
INTERNAL EXECUTIVE ROUND TABLE: Often, after attending one of our ERTs, subject matter champions bring us in to ignite conversations between decision-makers in their organization (what’s new, what’s next, and what’s not widely known). This rich conversation helps stir busy (and driven) professionals and leaders to get on the same page about the topic. We’ve listened very closely to executives (non-competing) that we’ve been talking to and we’ve heard things that could be key for your leaders, too. (Not proprietary information, of course, but best practices, hints, and keys to get your organization to the next level.) So, we’d like to provide those insights to your leaders if you are interested in having those.
  • This is different than the Power Breakfast. During the breakfast, we talk to you and facilitate up to 20 minutes of Q&A. During the ERT we give a few insights up-front, but most of the discussion is between experts in the room to really engage your leaders in the subject.
ASSESSMENT: An in-depth on-site neutral 3rd party discovery with some problem-solving along the way. This is much more in-depth. Please contact us if you need this and we can discuss putting an assessment together for your particular needs.

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