“Innovation & Problem Solving for Students” – Techniti 2013  (India)

Scott PIC

Scott Burr, ASME Fellow and Principal Innovation Consultant




The world is changing fast and India is facing many challenges.  Ten major Global Trends are dramatically changing our society. The innovation and problem solving skills of our emerging college graduates must be dramatically improved so that their future will be better than the previous generations.

You will be asked to face and resolve complex technological and social problems. Learn the skills of the world’s best problem solvers and innovators.

Attend this dynamic talk and begin your journey to becoming a better thinker, problem solver and innovator.



Scott Burr is Principal Innovation Consultant and Six Sigma Master Black Belt for Innovation Scientific, LLC, a business committed to evolving the science of innovation and to creating pioneering problem solvers. Scott has been called “fearless” when addressing complex, difficult or highly challenging business and technology problems. He has made a practice of finding high-value, “reputation-making” problems that others would not touch – and then solved them. His fascination with the relationship between innovation, design, reliability, quality, process performance and people has helped Mr. Burr book millions of dollars in savings and revenues for his clients and his companies.

Scott Burr is an ASME volunteer of 14 years and is the recipient of the ASME Dedicated Service Award. It honors unusual dedicated voluntary service to the Society marked by outstanding performance, demonstrated effective leadership, prolonged and committed service, devotion, enthusiasm and faithfulness. Mr. Burr was recently elected to “ASME Fellow” for his outstanding contributions to the engineering profession.


Scott Burr,

Techniti 2013 Presentation


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