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Welcome to the members-only Innovation Scientific Community!

Our mission is to create inventive problem-solving leaders that effectively create opportunity, solving problems, face down inventive challenges and can navigate uncertainty.Innovation Scientific use the Decision Tools Suite

Innovation Scientific is evolving the “innovation buzzword” into a science. We have structured tools and an understanding of innovation that is at the cutting edge of academic and industry knowledge. Our processes and tools work!

Contact us if you want to achieve deep talent and mastery in innovation.

Safety Under Construciton Book Cover

Innovation Scientific’s “Safety as a Science” project resulted in a new approach to safety in the construction industry.

We also work with visionary leaders and experts to create industry scale breakthrough solutions. Our trademark and tagline is Problems Solved for Good: its double meaning has an exponential meaning to us. We are very serious about making a positive impact in generating important solutions for you, for business, for the community and for the world.

We have new inventive approaches to revolutionize these industries and solution spaces:

  • Innovation as Science
  • Machine Shop performance
  • FEA, CFD and simulation software
  • Safety as a profit center in industry
  • Compressed gas storage and business model for energy distribution
  • Accelerated Learning and Rapid Ramp-up
  • Navigating and Quantifying Uncertainty
  • Six Sigma and Lean integrated with Innovation as a business practice

And so much more

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