Executive Roundtables

What is an ERT?

When deep insights, rich data and in-depth analysis are needed on a specific business topic our experienced facilitators bring together executives and subject matter thought leaders to create insight across a range of non-competing industries.

An ERT is about 2 and ½ hours where about 8 colleagues and peers focus on a specific topic and are really able to dig into the conversation, share best practices, experiences, camaraderie, lessons learned, and crystal ball gazing. Attendees are all higher-level decision-makers who have the influence and authority to strategize and make change within their organization. It’s by invitation only as we are concerned with the synergy of the group. It’s an elite and intimate (closed door) discussion. There is no fee for participation as it is in everyone’s best interest.

The value is to have face-to-face time with other executives that they would not normally have in the room – the candid conversations and relationship building with peers.

We bring the group together with an emphasis on facilitated conversation rather than content.

Our ERTs usually start early in the morning with networking and coffee, water, and tea (no food).

All business leaders contribute while we facilitate connections in a true peer-to-peer, protected environment for thought leadership, networking, and strategic discussion.