The principals at Innovation Scientific, LLC and the members in our extended alliance are contributors to the community. We have solved complex problems across a diverse range of sciences, business and technology. The impact of the solutions often has far reaching effects that improve the value of people’s lives. We understand that our service matters, whether is is through consulting, published works, or volunteering. We are here to make our community a better place through various modalities of enrichment.

Would you like to engage us in a high impact project? Here are our current priorities:

  • Business models and measurement systems that create a 4x bottom line: profit, shareholder value, social merit and sustainability
  • Safety as the focal point of profit and job creation in heavy and construction industries
  • Systems and metrics that foster fairness, trust and responsibility through technology
  • The use of  innovation, automation, and computational methods to create competitive advantage for small business and non-profits

Public Speaking Community Service 2013

2013 Techniti, India

2013 ASME Early Career Forum – Innovation Focus – Brecsia Italy


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